our story

In 2019 we bought our own bush block, determined to make a homestead of it we set out to grow out our own vegetable garden with the goal of one day being self-sufficient. After toiling for several seasons we realised that there was a lot of great information and techniques available to budding homesteaders and market garden enthusiasts to plan and manage a garden, but all of this was manual and required regular cross-referencing of videos, podcasts and books.

Finally frustrated with the lack of a tool to help us plan, track and manage our garden, in 2020 we began to program farmR. Using our backgrounds in modelling and machine learning, programming and project management we took the leap and began developing. Through 2020 and 2021 we rapidly developed the first iteration of farmR. We wanted to make a tool that was easy to use, intuitive and constantly evolving with the community that uses it.

who we are

To bring farmR to the community, we established Brindle Dog Farm, so named for our favourite furry friend's brilliant coat. Brindle Dog Farm, still in it's infancy supports the ongoing development of farmR, the operation of a market garden in the Canberra region, and provides consulting services to agribusinesses on the implementation of IOT in support of their farm operations.

We have travelled and studied all over the world, researching diverse fields such as communicable diseases and information systems. We are now applying this knowledge to the humble veggie patch, seeking to make the management and planning of the garden easier and more enjoyable.

what we believe

We believe that technology should make the complex simple and the simple compelling. We believe that through knowledge is power, which all starts with good data. These principles guide us in what we do at Brindle Dog Farm. If you think we can help you, contact us today.

Brindle Dog.Farm